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MARCH 29 - APRIL 3 &  APRIL 12 - 17, 2022
The group will discover the hidden secrets and potential of their bodies by learning to draw on, and direct, their inner Tantric energy. You'll be using yoga, meditation, breath, touch and massage to achieve blissful, possibly ecstatic, states: maybe even 'body orgasms'.

(Non-participating partners welcome!)


APRIL 5 - 10, 2022
This five-night Naked Yoga & Meditation Retreat will again be run by Nickles Spencer, one of the UK's leading teachers of men's yoga. It will feature 'Skin-On-Skin' sessions: working in pairs so you see your own movements reflected in others, helping to foster trust and self-confidence. Group dinner first night and plenty of time to get out and about or just chill with the group.

(Non-participating partners welcome!)

Sex God 2.0

APRIL 19 - 24, 2022


(Non-participating partners welcome!)


APRIL 19 - 24, 2022
Learn to send that special someone to heaven and back with the ultimate massage. The lovely Pierre, our masseur, will be sharing the secrets of his intense 'Myofascial Release' techniques (following on from his very popular retreat in November 2021). You'll learn by massaging other members of the group - and even experience an '8-hand' massage. 

(Non-participating partners welcome!)


MAY 3 - 8, 2022

Learn to capture the beauty of the male form in this 5-night retreat. Your instructor will be Simon Foxall, an artist who has run many successful art courses. Learn to work with line, proportion and tone to re-create (and re-imagine) the musculature of our male model Rowland. 

(Non-participating partners welcome!)


MAY 10 - 15, 2022
Learn the mysterious art of 'Reiki Healing' from one of Europe's top Reiki Masters (Miguel Chavez). We will combine Reiki with a little Tantra, to channel universal energy and unblock chakras in yourself and others in the group - healing body and mind, leaving you feeling less stressed and more at one with the world.

(Non-participating partners welcome!)


MAY 17 - 22, 2022
A 5-day 'Wine-Lovers Holiday' - hosted by the amazing Wendy Gendey and her team of wine experts. It will include guided tours of 4 wineries, a wine-tasting cruise on the Canal du Midi, a wine appreciation class and tasting here, a 3-course wine-pairing dinner and plenty of time to relax and explore - with fellow wine-lovers.

(Non-participating partners welcome!)


MAY 24 - 29, 2022
Four gorgeous walks that finish with a refreshing (clothing-optional) dip in a rock pool, river, lake or the sea. We'll be hiking through 4 different types of terrain (mountain, coast, vineyard & gorges) over 4 days, and stopping to enjoy a picnic with a view. There will be a group dinner on the first night and time to chill by the pool, go to the beach or explore the area. 

(Non-participating partners welcome!)


OCTOBER 7 - 13, 2021
Four days of guided biking tours through some of Europe's most beautiful landscapes - the Cevennes mountains, Mediterranean coastal roads, along the gorgeous the Canal du Midi and through rolling vineyards. Stop on the way to take in sights and pretty villages.

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Autumn Retreats

Our Autumn 2022 retreats will be announced in the spring. 


DECEMBER 23 - 28, 2022
Our last Christmas House Party was a huge success - and we're planning an even more fun 5 days in 2022 - plenty of delicious meals, fun outings and time to chill and get to know each other. We'll also be throwing a party on the last night - an excuse to relax and get very merry!


DECEMBER 31, 2022
What better way to see in the new year than to fly away to some gorgeous part of the world (South of France?) and party it up with lots of other happy gay men? We'll be celebrating in style with guests and a few gay friends, with a long and delicious dinner followed by bubbly-fuelled party. We will be playing games and having a gay 'ol time. So join us for a New Year you'll never forget.